Are banana good for constipation

Are banana good for constipation?

Can banana cure constipation or it is the main cause of constipation? Well, this is something that you can see in this article. Are you totally satisfied with the information of constipation which you have? Do you know that there so many views on constipation? Yes, there are different types of people and it is obvious that their thinking is also different.  I am here to tell you the exact details about constipation and its causes. To know the answer for the question “Are banana good for constipation?” continue reading this article.


We all know that constipation is a very common condition but it can lead to more serious stomach related problems if you leave this condition untreated. During this condition it is common to stay uncomfortable but you will feel better when your body is back on normal track.  According to studies constipation is described as fewer bowel movements than normal. symptomsThere are so many culprits behind this condition but some of them are low fiber diet, repeatedly ignoring the urge to go, not drinking enough water and lack of exercise. But, constipation also has less known causes like certain types of medications, medical conditions, depression and lack of physical activities. Just because there are so many rumors about constipation here are some symptoms of constipation to identify this condition.

  • Passing fewer than only three stools in a weak.
  • Having lumpy or hard stools.
  • Straining to have bowel movements.
  • Feeling as though there is a blockage in your rectum that make difficult for you to pass stools.

Are banana good for constipation

So, these are some symptoms of this uncomfortable condition. Do you have other ways to cure this condition at home? Healthy people always choose natural path to cure any kind of problem. So, now the question is- are banana good for constipation. The answer for your question “Are banana good for constipation?” is yes, bananas can cure constipation very effectively. This is the perfect home remedy for getting rid of constipation. Banana-For-ConstipationBananas are tasty, healthy and full of vitamin B6 and C. Even though bananas are very high in sugar, but they are low in glycemic index. This index works to see how foods are impacting on your blood sugar.

How Are banana good for constipation?

Bananas contain a unique type of sugar which is called fructooligosccah (FOS). Normally, enzymes break down sugars and other carbohydrates when they reach the digestive track. But FOS doesn’t get digested right away. Bananas are very good source of fiber which is known to reduce constipation. You have to drink water right after eating the banana. Because the fiber content in the banana ends up hardening your stool and may block your intestine. A medium size of banana contains 3 gram of fiber which is the 10% of daily recommended doze. Banana’s effect on your colon will only depend on the banana you prefer to eat.

  • Ripe bananas-  Ripe banana will keep the stool moving through intestine.
  • Unripe bananas-  It can cause constipation due to a high starch amount.

It is better to eat a ripe banana because they contain large amount of pectin which binds to the stools. You can take banana with warm milk. You just have to chew the banana while taking a sip of warm milk. So, I think you have get an answer of your question- are bananas good for constipation? This is a very effective way to cure this condition at home. Now you do not need to take any harmful medicines or any other drug’s treatments. Just use this natural way and you are free from constipation.

The above article “are banana good for constipation” told you the benefits of banana for constipation. For more remedies for constipation click here.

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